Sophie Methuen- Turner’s career takes off!

This is the post excerpt.

This year has most definitely been a very successful year. Infact, probably the most successful years to date performance wise. I started the year as Lacey Drawes performing with Ace Heartbreaker, then onto Hove Grown, Brighton Fringe, being taken on by Acting Moon events and performing at Groombridge Place as well as some Murder Mystery events. Excellent. I also have subscribed to Mandy ( formerly casting call pro.) This doesn’t affect my Spotlight membership- that’s still up and running! 

The year isn’t over yet, however, and I will keep updating you with all the exciting events occurring during my career!


Brighton based actor returns to work as lockdown eases

There’s no denying the lockdowns have been really challenging – for everyone. However, I have found ways to continue performing. In December I begun doing Murder Mysteries online, and this has continued. In February, I did a Lucozade shoot, March an Old El Paso one and a Wagamama’s ad. Currently I am training up to run escape rooms, with a spy character. This has brought an enormous amount of fun to my days. I have loads of other things in the pipelines – commercials, films etc.

If you have any opportunities or news you’d like to share, please drop me a message.

Sophie continues working during the pandemic

So the pandemic has far from been easy for most performers. While I have been fortunate in not being affected by the virus, it’s effect on my career have been dramatic. For instance, Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh Fringe went out the window. My murder mysteries also dried up. It also begged the question, what next? What could I replace those things with?

So I did some online work – I co wrote 4 stories for children, I recorded 5 monologues, and I did a poem for Black Lives Matter. I appeared in an online soap, I performed in an audio drama and I featured in a film, which was a dinner party, where all the actors were in different sides of the world. Incredible.

Not only that, but as we approached November, I started to do online Murder Mysteries.

I also appeared on four podcasts – helping other actors survive with the Irrelevant Actor, talked about working for free to Fresh Media Presents and I appeared in Marin Holt’s Larkin about, where I read a monologue about my cat ring a psychopath! I also appeared on Twig wish twice – once with a monologue about a school girl and another with a monologue I recorded about Ellen De Generes.

The pandemic is still affecting my career. I still don’t know when I will be able to perform live. But I ve just done a lucozade advert and loads of Murder mysteries. You’ll also find me campaigning for Equity who have proved a massive support, and challenging the government to give self employed people a monthly wage instead of the grants.

Got any ideas for a performance? Please hit me up.

Sophie Methuen Turner, Brighton based actor.

Sophie Methuen Turner Perseveres

Despite the trials and tribulations, I have continued working. I was up in London on the 6 th of September, taking part in Fresh Media Productions podcast where I speak about working for free.

I also performed a monologue on Malcolm Holt’s podcast, my cat is a psychopath. Although I didn’t write it, my cat is indeed a psychopath. The way in which she shamelessly mass murders hundreds of insects without a backward glance, before snuggling into my arms like a baby is a clear indication of that. The fact that she jumps in front of the camera when I have zoom meetings suggests she’s also a narcissist as it’s all about her.

It’s back to the murder mysteries again in October. I did one in August, and doing another soon.

Brighton is heaving with people. Social distancing nightmare! I’m always looking for projects, people I can collaborate with, more work. I regularly travel into London for work so you don’t need to be in Brighton.

I haven’t given up the dream, or the obstacles. I also had a blast signing posters of Malcolm and The Magpies.

Sophie Methuen – Turner, Brighton based actress

Sophie Methuen- Turner’s work continues during covid

As previously written, my work was so badly affected by covid. No Edinburgh, Brighton or Manchester fringes.

However, I was on The Irrelevant Actor’s podcast, I recorded some stories for children, I recorded some monologues.

Since then, I was cast as Tinkerbell and Nibs in Peter Pan, an audio drama, a poem for Black lives Matter got over a 1000 views, I am signing Malcome and The Magpies posters next week, a monologue I recorded for another podcast led to me being asked to write a monologue on an inspirational Sapphic woman ( the monologue was such a success it was selected to be in Brighton’s digital pride and was played twice over the weekend. ) I am now going to talk about whether all good actors go to drama school on the 6th of September in a podcast at 17:00. I also am doing a murder mystery next Friday! As well as a recording about my cat being a psychopath. Yaaay! Please do keep in touch.

Sophie Methuen- Turner’s lockdown Challenges

At the start of the lockdown, to ease the misery of loss of income and loss of Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh Fringe, I de myself some challenges. I challenged myself to do 5 audio monologues, 5 regular monologues, 5 frock up Friday posts ( 5 pictures of me in a dress) and 5 Children’s monologues. So far, it’s going surprisingly well.

I have achieved 3 children’s stories ( see them on my Facebook page or YouTube) and the remaining two are in the making

I have recorded 5 audio monologues and they are in the production stage

I have taken four pictures of me in four dresses, the last one is Friday

I have recorded and uploaded onto Facebook/ YouTube 2 monologues, with another three to go. I would love to enter the monologue challenge to help the NHS. I have also appeared in an online soap – the upsidedowners, my Podcast The Irrelevant Actor came out today, and my performance of My C*ntry can be seen on the Brighton Fringe website.

Sophie Methuen – Turner’s career relaunches

So, after the virus ruined my Edinburgh, Manchester and Brighton fringe plans I have had to do an about turn. First step: put the work into Brighton digital festival instead. To keep myself on the ball, I am releasing 5 video monologues, 5 children’s stories, 5 audio drama monologues and 5 full length pictures of me. It’s a mammoth project, and I am also involved in an online soap as well as a London monologue competition and an online corona virus challenge.  Furthermore, on Friday I am giving an interview with the irrelevant actor, an actors blog, and I have done Debbie Bridges Odes to Joy. Brighton is sunny, but deserted. What better opportunity to reinvent myself?
My friend has also created some leaflets for me to advertise my work so people will look online at my work.

These may be scary times with the Corona virus and the change of structure, but it is possible to find hope.
Sophie Methuen – Turner

Brighton based actress


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Sophie Methuen – Turner perseveres

For an actor, the virus has been a nightmare. Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh Fringe ( all of which I was cast in) have been cancelled. All the theatres are shut, all public places closed or closely monitored. It would be so easy to just give up. However, I have continued to persevere.

I have recorded a monologue and had it edited, recorded my voicereel and had that edited and put both online, I have recorded another monologue from A Streetcar Named Desire, two other people have offered to write me monologues which I will record and send back, and I have been offered a part in an online soap. I also have recorded the words for the Fringe performances which will be made into a film.  Like a phoenix, slowly I am rising from the dead.

Sophie Methuen- Turner, Brighton actor. Www.sophieactor.co.uk

The year started really well..

This year started really well – it was like liftoff. There were several murder mysteries in January, One was in Egham at Royal Holloway, February brought a music video, a cameo in a feature film, a murder mystery, some teaching, being cast in Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh Fringes…. then BOOM, Corona virus hit. All murder mysteries cancelled until at least June. No Fringe performances. No Lionel for my birthday. No teaching… The world, my career, as I know it, has taken a MASSIVE fall. So what are the options? Do nothing, give up the career or change. The first two aren’t an option. Performing- for me- is a need, a thirst. I can’t give up. So what have I done? Entered myself into monologue competitions. Recorded myself doing monologues, I m sifting through the best ones to upload online. There has to be a way through. By adapting, there’s hope. I’m still in Brighton, still got my flat. I’m determined to find solutions.

Any ideas? Hit me up!


Sophie Methuen Turner appears in Brighton, Edinburgh and manchester Fringe

A cracking start to the year for Sophie Methuen – Turner

It’s always exciting to start the year with a bang. This month, I have been auditioning like crazy, and finally the result have started to come. Last Friday, I did a murder mystery at Royal Holloway, university of London, making that my third Murder Mystery of the month. The next day, I was lucky enough to be cast in a performance for Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe and Manchester Fringe. Furthermore, I was cast in a film on Wednesday. It so lovely to be cast. It all such a struggle though, balancing everything – working looking for more work, developing as a performer. However, I have the training, and now I have to apply it. It’s a steep hill to climb, but with perseverance I will get there. If you know of any work, get in touch.

Sophie Methuen – Turner prepares for December!

This year has been a very busy year performance wise. I have performed in up to 5 murder mysteries a month, performed in the Festival of Chichester in Love In The Harbour, performed as Alice in Alice in Wonderland for Eastern Electrics festival and also for Glitter Nips festival. I also made it down the catwalk as a model.

Next month, I will be an Elf again in Churchill Square – different company this time, and new lay out. Feeling excited but nervous… I also am appearing as Elsa for a children’s home.

This year is a bit of an exciting one – as I am turning 30. Feeling a bit nervous in all honesty about turning 30.

I also have now nearly completed my course with The Playing Space, making me a better LAMDA teacher.